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The Winners And Losers In Fashion Retail

The big winner: Donna Karan. The big loser: Anne Klein.

That was the retailers’ take on the best and worst of the New York collections, which ended Wednesday.

Other, hot Picks, according to the stores, were Calvin Klein, Ralph Laure, Bill Blass, Oscar de la Renta, Victor Alfaro, Anna Sui, Marc Jacobs and Badgley Mischaka.

The disappointments, included Isaac Mizrahi and Richard Tyler: Drawing the toughest criticism was Anne Klein. Retailer reaction ranged from “difficult” to “disaster.” Some held out a shred of hope that it would look better up close in the showroom. Read the rest…

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Keeping The Rockin’ Pace

ktrpI believe it’s important for every musician to feel comfortable at the tempo that’s being played, however, you will find singer’s to be picky about the speed of the song. Why? Well for one, breathing and phrasing of their lyrics. Do you ever hear a song live and think “that doesn’t groove”? It seems too fast and the lyrics are rushed. Well you can bet it’s the drummer’s fault. Even if we don’t start off the tune, we get blamed for this problem. So how do we work on being consistent with the song’s tempo and make everybody in the band happy? One thing that many big tour artists do is have their drummer play to a click track live. Next time you’re at a big show check out if the drummer is wearing headphones.

Either he or she has in-ear monitors or is wearing headphones to hear a click track. Why do this? For many reasons, the artist might have backing tracks including percussion and maybe back up vocals so the drummer needs to lock in with this music. Also while on tour, night after night, city after city, the band can be Read the rest…

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It’s Plastic, Believe It Or Not

“It took over 3,500 plastic bottles to make the 52 garments that went down the runway,” said Katie Couric, at the conclusion of the fashion show for Wellman’s Master/Apprentice Program. “One man’s Evian bottle is another man’s underwear.”

The co-host of NBC’s “Today Show” was at the show, held last week in conjunction with the 7th on Sixth designer collections in Bryant Park, to present a $10,000 check from fiber company Wellman Inc. to the scholarship fund of Read the rest…

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Yamamoto Blows New York Away!

During fashion week, it seems there’s always room for one more, and perhaps this season’s biggest surprise addition is Yohji Yamamoto.

Known for his avant-garde collections and cultish following, the designer will show here today the fall collection he recently presented in Paris.

In the midst of probably the quietest, most subdued preshow chaos New York’s ever seen, Yamamoto pauses to talk about his trip here and his collection.

“I’ve felt absent from New York for about seven years now, so I wanted to come and show people that I’m still alive,” the designer says.

“I’ve been working with Charivari for about 10 years,” he adds, noting, “They were the first buyer of my career, but the kind of exclusive relationship we’ve had has made us…not lazy…but it’s kind of routine.” Read the rest…

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Mossimo Rocks The Fashion World

He’s become one of the hottest names in men’s wear and has just joined the newest crop of designers entering the young contemporary women’s sportswear market. No, he’s not Tommy Hilfiger. He is

Mossimo Giannulli, president and chief executive officer of Mossimo Inc. in Irvine, Calif.

Mossimo’s initial public offering — three million shares priced at $18 a share — was increased in size and priced above its projected range of $14 to $16 a share. The stock, which is currently trading at 31 5/8, has doubled in just two months of trading.
Read the rest…

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Systematic Procedure On How To Stop Panic Attacks

Everybody should always prepare him or herself for panic attacks. It is a condition that does not respect anyone or place. It can happen to anybody anywhere and at any time. Every person inclusive of the elderly suffers from acute or severe panic attacks. Therefore, you should know how to stop panic attacks. When you are caught in a situation of panic attacks, the first step is for you to take a very deep breath. It will cause some relaxation to your mind especially if it is done when your eyes are closed. When experiencing panic attacks, your heart races badly causing a condition called Read the rest…

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Guitar Review: The Burns Steer

Is it an electric? An acoustic? An electric-acoustic? The Burns Steer is quite a unique animal. I was given this guitar to review on a Thursday evening. I finally put it down sometime on Friday! This truly is a unique guitar. It looks like it is a hollow-body electric, complete with a sound-hole but, in fact, it is not. In the guitar there are two sound-chambers, or cavities, to produce a more airy sound. The developers at Burns succeeded at this. The headstock is evil in appearance, yet cowboy-ish at the same time, complete with string guides and great hardware. The Steer boasts 20 frets on a maple neck and fingerboard. It plays like a dream. It has a real solid feel to it in the neck. This particular guitar is of a single cutaway design although in looking into the Steer series I have found there to be non cutaway designs as well. The steer possesses two pickups: the bridge pickup is a humbucker and the neck is a single coil–all controlled via a three-way pickup selector located under the bridge pickup, Fender style. There is, of course, a coil-tap switch allowing you to transform the humbucking bridge pickup to a Read the rest…

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Damon: Son of a Gypsy Reissue Arriving October 22nd Via Now-Again

sogdDamon’s Song Of A Gypsy is generally regarded as one of the finest privately-pressed psychedelic rock records and has, for over twenty years, been one of the most sought after late 60s American rock artifacts in the world, with the scant original copies that exist exchanging hands for thousands of dollars. Bad bootlegs and scrappy reissues have spread the music a little but left Damon’s story untouched, leaving Song of a Gypsyhigh on its own plateau: out of reach and indescribable. It seemed that this homespun, funky psychedelic monument borrowed from nothing and sprung from nowhere. But it was obvious from Damon’s unique Read the rest…

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