With this site, I’m trying to really show a cross-section of women’s fashion that I think is important. Naturally, I believe it is start at the retail level, where most of us purchase all of our clothing. I think it is important to take a look at what retailers are thinking because they are truly going to be people who supply us with the best fashion. This may mean talking to mall owners, buyers for major companies like Barneys New York, but also just regular people who run small specialty boutiques.

I enjoy good tunes and unique art and I am obsessed with digesting them with others. I tend to be overly critical of music but love to hear other people’s perspectives. I have always fancied the skate scene. I also like good video games, but have yet to beat one. I am not sure if my lack of skill or patience is to blame. And kittens. I really like kittens.

It’s pretty straight forward here, so speak your mind and contact me with any ideas.

Music comes first. After that, the list gets fuzzy…horror flicks, art, zombies, puppies, cold pizza, anime, walking thru a forest, reading, traveling (if only in my mind).